Sunday, June 17, 2012


Papa. Father. Dad.
Different names that all mean the same thing. A central person in a child's life.

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Lauren Thompson is a cumulative tale (think The House that Jack Built) about a young girl, her father, and an apple pie.

The story builds as the pages turn. It begins with a small thing, the apples, and grows to includes the whole world.

This is the book, warm and sweet...
It's a tale of the love between father and child, and a celebration of how things in our world work together for good.

The illustrations are unusual for the current market, using only three colors. I personally think it's a nice departure from full-color picture books. Thank you Jonathan Bean.

The vintage style still provides plenty of detail and the sparse use of red helps young readers focus on those apples.

I recommend this charming read aloud for all those celebrating a Happy Father's Day!

Field Trip Extension Idea:
Pick Your Own Farm
Go apple picking.  If you can't find a farm,  head to the grocery story and take a little time admiring all the different types of apples there.
Notice size, color, weight, and names of apples.
Choose some to take home and enjoy them together.
You don't even have to bake a pie.
Slice them up. Use a corer. Cut the apple in half to find the "star".
Add peanut butter or caramel for dipping.
Cook them down in a pan and mash for applesauce.

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