Sunday, January 22, 2012


Once you get past New Year's Day, January has a way of slowing down and can feel a bit dull. We begin counting down the days for the long semester of school and fantasizing about summer vacations.
Here's a great book to bust up the boredom and bring some color into your read aloud.
Blue Chicken by author/illustrator Deborah Freedman is a beautiful new book about a helpful little chicken and a bottle of blue watercolor paint.
Those with young children know that these "helpful" acts really can lead to a lot of cleanup afterwards, but all's well that end's well. Enjoy sharing this story from cover to cover, as even the endpapers help to tell the tale. 

Art Extension Idea:
Materials: Watercolor paints, paper, brushes, water. towels (for clean up!)
Procedure: Take another look at the illustrations in Blue Chicken. Experiment with the color blue. How many shades can you see on your paper? Can you make splatter patterns like the little chicken did? Talk about wide brush strokes and droplets of paint. Vocabulary words abound!
Be sure to have plenty of materials and time to allow for some great discovery learning and artistic expression.

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