Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's raining again here. Rain is water. Water is an essential element of life and the topic of today's book.

All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon is a great introduction to the water cycle. It's a science book that you want to read again and again.  Vibrant digital illustrations and the use of a variety of font styles and sizes keep each page interesting.

The rhythm and rhyme make it appropriate for preschoolers while older children can make the connection to the global concerns for water conservation.
Community Service Extension Idea:
Most American children never have to worry about having clean water to drink. For many children in other countries all around our world, that is not the case. EDGE Outreach is working to change that and you can help.
After reading All the Water in the World, take a look at a world map and show your child where they live. Choose one of the many countries where clean drinking water is not readily available to children and explain how you can help by donating old shoes. Let your child help you clean out the closets and box up old shoes to take to a drop off location.

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