Monday, April 9, 2012


Unusual? I think so.
Colorful? Absolutely.
Goggle-eyed? Without a doubt.
Cool? I have to think about that.

Chameleons are Cool by Martin Jenkins is both a nonfiction book and an engaging read aloud. I recently watched a group of seven to nine year old students totally engrossed as this book was shared.

It presents interesting facts about the physical and behavioral characteristics of chameleons. The vivid artwork by Sue Shields keeps pace with the enthusiasm of the narrator, and even includes additional facts in small print as they curl around the creatures.

Here's a couple I didn't know before reading Chameleons are Cool.
Chameleons move their eyes independently (teachers and parents could see a lot more of what goes on if our eyes worked that way).
Chameleons change color, not to blend in with their surroundings, but when they're angry, sick, hot, or cold.

Martin Jenkins definitely thinks chameleons are cool. So do I.

Geography Extension Idea:
Many species of chameleons are found in Madagascar. (Children are familiar with this term thanks to the hit movies and television shows from Nickelodeon.)
Look at a world map to find this country. How far away it is from your home or school? How would you travel there to see a chameleon?
Why do chameleons live in Madagascar?  Why don't they live here?

Check out this website for more information about these amazing creatures.

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