Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today begins National Library Week. Hurrah for local libraries!

What serves as an invitation to an entire world of information and entertainment, requires no batteries or recharging, and fits in your pocket? Oh yeah, and its free.
You guessed it. The humble library card.
Do you have one?

In today's book choice, Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, a lion becomes a regular patron of the library (but he doesn't get his own library card). While an unusual guest, he is allowed as long as he follows the rules. He enjoys the activities and even provides useful services to the staff and patrons until one fateful day.  

What happens if you NEED to break a rule?  Is is ever OK to break a rule?
Legitimate questions. They're the kind that build critical thinking skills in little brains.
Library Lion opens that discussion.

More than that, this story also depicts the library as a place to belong. A warm and inviting place where friends gather, share, and help each other.  A place you want to visit.

Support your local library this week. Visit their website and then visit in person.

Field Trip Extension Idea:
Visit your local library.
Prepare for your visit by talking about what rules might apply (No Roaring).
Look at a map of the library to see all the different sections it's divided into. Find the children's section and mark it with a big "X" for treasure.
Practice the "pull and peek" method for choosing a book.
If you're a parent, let each of your children sign up for their own card.
If you're a teacher, encourage your students to get one.

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