Friday, April 13, 2012


Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee is not a poetry book, but it feels so poetic, both in verse and pictures

Stars are certainly found in the sky, but where else can you find these tiny pieces of magic?
Dandelion fluff and bunches of moss can be transformed into stars when you look closely, as children often do.

The illustrations show "everyday" items, like a stick or a cartwheel, through the lens of a young child. Wonder fills each page.

Stars are not only things you see, but can describe how you feel.

"Some days you feel shiny as a star."
"If you do something important, you might be called a star."
" But some days you don't feel shiny."

Being reminded of how to view the world as a child is a gift. This book wraps it up with a bow.
Share it with all the "stars" in your world.

Extension Idea:
Click here for some post read aloud ideas. The Learning Time Resources (geared for children ages 4-5) can be downloaded for future reference. Check out the website while you're there.

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