Thursday, April 5, 2012

Puppy Love

Some people are "dog" people. Some people aren't.
Me? I'm definitely not a dog person, but I do love a good book about those canine companions.

Dogs by Emily Gravett is a book about ALL the kinds of dogs that you can love.
Slow dogs. Fast dogs. Dogs that bark. Dogs that don't.
But which is the dog that you love best?

Her pencil and watercolor illustrations show not only the characteristics of size and color, they also give each dog a unique personality. Look carefully and you might catch a glimpse of your own pooch (if you're a "dog" person).

Each double page spread carries one sentence, keeping this book simple enough for the youngest child to enjoy.  Take note of the final page as it reveals the twist in the "tail".

Math Extension Idea:
Graphing Pets
Using cut-outs of common pets (dogs, cats, fish, birds), we graph which pet each child has or wishes they could have.
After everyone has a chance to add their pet to the board, we count each column to see which pet is the most popular in our class.
This simple hands-on math activity gives practice in making choices, counting, and noticing "more" and "less".

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