Friday, July 20, 2012

Losing a Tooth

Losing baby teeth is a milestone for young children.

It's exciting and frightening.

Will it hurt?  Will I look funny?  Can I still eat my favorite food?  When will it EVER come out?

Answers to those very questions can be found in the newest book of the Bear series, Bear's Loose Tooth. Author Karma Wilson shares how Bear and his friends experience the anticipation and anxiety of a loose tooth.

This is another darling read aloud full of characters who care about each other and offer the most reassuring advice in a time of uncertainty.

The rhythm and rhyme of the text is naturally appealing for both reader and listener. Children can quickly "read" the short phrases after a few visits with the book.

Even the "tooth fairy" is a part of the story, leaving a tasty treat rather than money. 

The illustrations by Jane Chapman are both playful and realistic. The woodland creatures are cuddly without looking like stuffed animals.

If you haven't read the other books about Bear, run to your library and check them out now! Just click here to find the entire series on Karma's website.

Fine Motor Extension Idea:
Brushing Teeth
Materials: dolls, toothbrushes, toothpaste, small cups, water, towels
Procedure: Fill small cups with water. Set out dolls, toothpaste and brushes. Children can practice applying toothpaste to the brushes and "brushing" the dolls teeth.

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