Saturday, July 14, 2012


Isn't it amazing what you can do with a piece of string?

Tie. Measure. Connect. Knot. Wrap. Knit. Weave. Sew. Loop. Crochet. Cut.

Just how long can a long string be?! by Keith Baker is an engaging romp through the day using just a piece of string and creative thinking.

The artwork is lovely with it's pastel hues. The illustrations show movement and texture as the string is used again and again for so many interesting things.

I think the best thing about this story is the idea of many "solutions" for a single "problem".
It's popular to repurpose and reuse items today. This book plants a seed for that thought.

Read how the simplest of materials can make for an afternoon of discovery and fun, then ask your audience for their own ideas!

Fine Motor Extension Idea:
Materials: Yarn, scissors, sensory table or large tub, envelopes
Procedure: Cut longer lengths of yarn (12 inches or more) and place them in the sensory table along with several pair of children's scissors. Allow children to work together as they cut the lengths into smaller and smaller pieces of string.
They can collect their work in envelopes to take home or use them for art projects at a later date.

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