Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What colors do you see?

Children are such good observers. They take the time to really look and see things that grown-ups typically hurry by and ignore.

Children are also good questioners. They know how to ask "why" and never fear the thought of looking foolish for having asked.

While both of these qualities can seem frustrating when you have a time constraint or need a few moments of quiet, observing and asking are two of the most important ways young children learn.

 Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff is a concept book about colors. Baby Bears questions his mother and observes the world around him to see the colors in the answers she provides.

The patience of mother bear and the exciting discoveries of baby bear make this a warm and enjoyable read aloud.

The illustrations are vibrant and bold. A mix of block printing and watercolors provide strong images with heavy black lines, and soft, blended edges in the background.

This gentle concept book is a great read aloud for "teaching" colors, but more importantly, it reminds us to take the time to really look at our world with fresh eyes.

What colors do you see?

Science Extension Idea:
Scavenger Hunt for Colors
Help children group themselves into pairs and give them a small container to collect items from around the room. Assign each group a color card and ask them to fill their container with items that match their assigned color.
Provide assistance as they move around the room.
Come together as a group and share what was found. Have a large piece of colored paper for each group to place their items on.
Discuss how they chose the items. Ask each child to bring something from home the next day that would match their assigned color. Take a look outside for an additional Color Hunt.

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