Monday, July 9, 2012


The weather is hot.
The earth is dry.

I don't usually think about rain.
I dislike storms.
But lately I've been hopeful when I see a darker cloud.
Maybe just a little shower?  Maybe a big downpour?

Are you wishing for rain?

Come on, Rain! by Karen Hesse is a story of anticipating and enjoying one of nature's gifts.

A little girl looks for rain.

"Come on, rain!" I say, squinting into the endless heat.
A creeper of hope circles 'round my bones.
Come on, rain!" I whisper.
"Come on, rain!" I cheer, peeling out of my clothes and into my suit...
She leads her friends in a celebratory dance as the rain cools and refreshes them after a long dry spell. Their mothers join them, in unusual adult abandon, as they rejoice together.

Come on, rain!

Fine Motor Extension Idea:
Water Painting
This fun activity requires few materials and creates no lasting artwork. It's especially fun for toddlers and preschoolers on sunny days.
Materials: Buckets, Old Paint brushes - large, (think house painting rather than the usual children's size), water source to fill the buckets.
Procedure: Fill buckets with "paint" (water). Give brushes and buckets to children and allow them to "paint" on the sidewalks, bricks, garage doors, etc. Help them watch their painting evaporate and disappear. Can they make a big painting before it begins to dry? How long of a line can they paint before it begins to fade away?

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