Monday, July 2, 2012

What to Read When

I was in our local library last week helping my son collect a stack of books for reading at home, when I overheard a mother ask the librarian for help in selecting "good" books for her child.

She wanted something that had excellent sentence structure and storytelling in line with the classics of children's literature.  Her child was four years old.

The librarian seemed a bit unsure of what to offer and began to look for a tried and true "list" of books from various websites that the mother might approve of.

I couldn't help but think of a number of "good" books that told wonderful stories, filled with beautiful artwork that would be appropriate and enjoyable for a four year old child. Before I could interrupt and offer some humble suggestions as a fellow mom, she gathered her four year old son and his baby sister to go.

The woman left, her book bag empty.

Like the woman at the library, we can be overwhelmed with the choices before us or concerned about what books are "right" for our child's reading level, and end up with nothing.

 What to Read When by Pam Allyn is a great resource for anyone who wants to support young children in reading and needs some direction to get started.

She uses the life cycle of childhood - the occasions, big and small,  age ranges and themes to determine her recommendations for every child from birth to ten years.  A How-To section, the Reader's Ladder, and more pack the pages of this easy to digest read.

A great addition to the parent bookshelf and a great help on your next trip to the library!

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