Sunday, February 5, 2012


All young children struggle with feeling angry sometimes. It can be scary to feel such an overwhelming emotion. Parents and teachers of young children can also be overwhelmed with helping a child handle those feelings in an acceptable way.

This read aloud provides a safe way for children to see what happens when Sophie gets angry, and allows them to follow her lose of control to a calm and peaceful resolution.
Molly Bang's illustrations are fierce as they portray Sophie's feelings. The intensity of color mirrors the action, and encourages another discussion about how we associate colors with feelings or moods.
It won a Caldecott Honor Book award and a Charlotte Zolotow award, both great honors.

Social/Emotional Extension Idea:
Using hand held mirrors, encourage children to make faces showing different emotions (sad, mad, happy scared, etc.) Ask them to use their bodies in addition to their faces to show those emotions.
Make a list of things you might do if you were really, really angry.
Talk about which of those things are good choices (squeezing playdough, punching a pillow, crying)
and which ones are not good choices (hurting someone, hurting yourself).
End with hugs and kind words for everyone in the group.

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