Friday, February 3, 2012

PB & J

A favorite on the lunch plate of many children, this popular sandwich is constructed in a play rhyme. What's a play rhyme? Simple actions or motions set to a rhythmic chant. It's fun to say and fun to play. 

Perfectly silly illustrations by Nadine Bernard Westcott add to the rhyme as elephants, a chef, and two children bake a giant sandwich together. The final page gives suggestions for actions for each verse and the refrain. So slap your knees and clap your hands, as you read aloud today.

Movement Extension Idea:
Add some gross motor movement to this rhyme. Use your whole body instead of just your hands for the actions. Ask the children to give their suggestions and make it their own. Try working in pairs.
To add more interest and help keep their focus, change the volume of your voice as you chant. Whisper the refrain and shout the verses as everyone performs the actions. Children learn by doing.

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