Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston is a favorite book of mine. I love it for many reasons.
I love it because of quilts. They connect me to my grandmothers who both quilted, and to the many nights I laid awake tracing the designs and colorful prints that covered my bed, made by them.
I also love this book because of the family warmth it portrays through the quilt. It provides a safe haven for the little girl in the story as she faces unfamiliar places. Several animals take comfort in the quilt as well, as it lays forgotten in an attic.

I also love this book for the illustrations by Tommie dePaola. I love the color palette and how the quilt ages through the story thanks to time and use.
While this book is set in both pioneer days and more current times, the themes of family, home, and warmth stay the same. It's a relevant tale for any young child who has a favorite blanket to hold onto, or an older child who depends on familiar routines. This story is a great read-aloud before bed or quiet time of day.

Art Extension Idea:
Many teachers and parents feel that young children are not ready to tackle sewing skills.
I believe that given the appropriate materials to work with, and a focus on process instead of product, even young children can enjoy participating in this art form.
Check out this blog post for a great example of sewing with young children!

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