Friday, February 10, 2012

The Little Red Hen (again)

You probably remember the tale of the Little Red Hen.
Here's an updated version by Philemon Sturges with many similarities to the original. The twist, instead of homemade bread, this chick is baking pizza. Yum! Kids will tune in to one of their favorite foods and enjoy a tried and true story.

When the Little Red Hen realizes that she's missing an ingredient, she makes a run to the store but ends up buying a lot more than planned. It's a bit wordy for preschoolers in a read aloud, but older children will especially enjoy her thorough shopping trips.

Cooking Extension Idea:
Cooking with children is a great way to develop many skills (measuring, counting, dicing, mixing). It provides an opportunity for them to take a big role in helping the whole family, rather than waiting to be served. Let them learn to help before they grow up saying "not I".
Click here to see a healthy and fun pizza recipe you can make with your kids.

Photo courtesy of Cooking with my Kid

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