Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too Many Toys

Can a child have too many toys?
Is that a trick question?
If you've ever stepped on a Lego® brick in the middle of the night, vacuumed up Barbie® shoes, or noticed that the bucket of "fast food" toys are multiplying and overflowing at an alarming rate, I think you'll answer that questions with a strong "Yes".

Too Many Toys by David Shannon is a familiar story. While the problem can seem overwhelming, the solution is one that children and parents alike will find redeeming.

Here's a quick video synopsis of this very entertaining read aloud selection.
Click to watch.

Community Service Extension Idea:

Clean out the toy box, closet, or room!
Let your child help you label three cardboard boxes; Donate, Trash, Keep
Set a time limit that is appropriate for your child to help. (10 minutes, 20 minutes - you know best)
Once the toys are separated, immediately take the Trash box to the trash, and then take the Donate box to the nearest Donation Center in your area.
If you're part of a school or co-op, organize a Toy Swap day, a yard sale, or a pick-up site for a Donation Center to benefit others.
Enjoy the newly reclaimed floor and shelf space and let the imaginative play begin.

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