Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is the perfect "first" book about cars specifically, or transportation in general, for toddlers.
I love this book for that very reason.  There are many informational books about modes of transportation; some too busy, some too long, but this one is just right.

My Car by Byron Barton is so appropriate with it's personal narrative by Sam, the bold primary colored illustrations, and the simple facts about the car and driving. The double page spreads give little ones ample space to look while the brief text is read. Even the square shape of the book itself is the right shape and size to be held comfortably on a lap.

Manipulative Extension Idea:
Car Wash in a Dishpan
In the book, Sam keeps his car clean by washing it. Using a plastic dishpan, a small amount of water and a squirt of soap, you can create your own carwash. Small sponges make for a little less water on the floor and give some extra fine motor muscle work out.
Place "dirty" cars and trucks into the dishpan, give them a good scrubbing with the sponge, and then you can add some excitement with a small spray bottle for rinsing! Dry on a big towel and repeat.

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