Monday, February 13, 2012

Owl Moon

We live near some woods and are lucky enough to hear the call and echo of owls at night.  I've never seen them, but just the other night when it was bright with a full moon, I thought about taking a walk outside.

In the book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, a young girl and her father go "owling" one night together.
The girl knows you have to be quiet, brave, and have hope when you go owling. The anticipation builds and is rewarded in the end.
The watercolor pictures by John Schenherr depict a frozen landscape and lend a serious tone to this quiet adventure story.

Guest Appearance Extension Idea:
Owls make for a fascinating theme study.
To learn more about owls and other birds of prey, visit this website.
Click on the Educate tab to see how the Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky can come to you ( your school or home school cooperative) with an age appropriate program and the actual birds. 

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