Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Young children can't wait to be "bigger".
They love to compete with one another to see who is the "biggest".
Kevin Sherry writes about a giant squid who thinks he's the "Biggest Thing in the Ocean".

Swim through this story and see lots of ocean life. The squid is bigger than a lot of the other animals, but is he really the biggest? Even when he gets swallowed by a whale, he remains optimistic about his size!

To see a puppet show based on this story, click here.

Math Extension Idea:
Go on a hunt around your home or classroom looking for similar items in two sizes (Big and Small).
Some examples from home could be; socks, shoes, cups, books, toys
Examples from school might include; paintbrushes, blocks, baby dolls, dinosaurs
Using a piece of poster board or easel paper, divide it down the middle labeling one side BIG and one side small.  Ask your child to choose which side of the board to place each item.
For more of a challenge, add a third column and label it Medium!

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