Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Art Resource

We don't usually think about art projects with our kids on sunny days.
We tend to consider sunny days being made for playing and learning outside. Gathering every ray we can while breathing in fresh air and releasing pent up energy.
Preschool Art by MaryAnn Kohl is a fantastic resource for both rainy days and sunny days. While it's not the newest book on the shelf, it is full of basic art lessons that introduce different mediums for exploration and discovery by little hands. It gives ideas for painting, drawing, construction, collage, and sculpture. Over 200 art-related ideas that concentrate on the Process of the activity instead of the finished Product.

The emphasis on process is especially important for preschoolers and young children.  More opportunities for learning occur when the process of making art, the actual doing, is valued and celebrated over a completed project.
So if you're stockpiling ideas for the next rainy day or ready for some sit down time after an afternoon in the sun, I recommend this title to you!

Click here for a fun sunny day art activity from Preschool Art.

Check out all the great resources on MaryAnn Kohl's website!

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