Monday, March 19, 2012


I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight with less than satisfactory results. Always a disappointment when that happens. My family would prefer breakfast for dinner most nights and they would all vote for pancakes as part of that meal. It's always a hit so why do I keep trying something new?
Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle is the story of young Jack who wakes up hungry and wants pancakes for breakfast. With no frozen varieties handy, his mother asks him to help gather all the ingredients necessary to make the breakfast of choice, no small feat.

This book is similar to a "Little Red Hen" tale as the process of making the pancakes takes many steps; from gathering wheat and threshing grain, to milking the cow and churning the butter. Children and adults alike may be amazed at the work it takes to make pancakes!
The bold, layered collage illustrations are the trademark of Eric Carle. They are delightful to view and integral to the story, providing visual cues to the unfolding tale.

Cooking Extension Idea:
Pancakes of course!
Click on this link for a simple homemade recipe for plain pancakes and some additional flavors as well.
Electric skillets are a great alternative to stovetop cooking at school. Have children wear an oven mitt to keep their arms safe when pouring batter and flipping the pancakes onto the skillet. It's a great confidence builder, fine motor skill practice, and yummy too!

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