Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bedtime Battle

At times, there is nothing sweeter than the nighttime routine of getting your child ready for bed. Warm pajamas, cozy read aloud time, prayers, and goodnight kisses.
Other times, there is nothing more frustrating than the relentless stalling tactics. Drinks of water, trips to the bathroom, covers tucked back in, and favorite stuffed animals found.

Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace puts a spin on the typical bedtime dilemma.

Little Hoot just wants to go to bed like all his friends, but his parents insist that he stay up late.
Young listeners may be surprised to hear that Little Hoot wants to go to bed, but will this story convince them too? A charming reversal of the bedtime battle for parents and children.

Family love is evident in this sweet story. It makes for a perfect read aloud at naptime or bedtime.

Language Extension Idea:

Wide Eye Owl

There's a wide eye owl (make fingers in large circles and cup over eyes)
With a pointed nose (use fingers to make a triangle & point out for nose)
2 pointed ears (use fingers for ears)
and claws for toes (wiggle fingers like toes)
he lives way up in the tree (point up to tree top)
and when he looks at you (point at kids)
he flaps his wings (use arms for wings, and flap)
and says whooo whooo (continue flapping wings)

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