Monday, March 26, 2012


In some places in the world, March is a month dedicated to rejoicing in the renewal of the earth and the first signs of spring.
Around here, March is about one thing. Basketball.
It's not just for the grown-ups. Children are decked out in team colors. They're caught up in the excitement and they know who's in the Final Four.
So what's more fun than Basketball? How about Basketball played by Dinosaurs?

 Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler incorporates two favorite themes (sports and prehistoric beasts) into one fast paced, rhyming story. In addition to the action of the game and the vibrant, energetic illustrations, there's always something new to learn. The use of basketball terms and dinosaur species can extend vocabulary and encourage discussion.

"The game begins at breakneck speed.
Two points for Stego! Clippers lead.
Allo answers off the dribble.
Diplo take it up the middle--
T. rex charges from behind.
Steals the ball. It's Meaty time!
He drives the ball up to the hoop.
Lobs to Raptor--Alley-oop!"

Check out this book during March Madness and extend the fun of basketball through read aloud.

Gross Motor Extension Idea:
The game of basketball requires many skills not yet developed in preschoolers. You can make a similar game that is more appropriate for your age group by using a laundry basket set on the floor and smaller, junior sized basketballs. If you want to add a challenge, you can add a masking tape perimeter around the basket for the children to stand on to "shoot".  Several children can practice making shots at the same time. Cheer their efforts and celebrate every 3-pointer!

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