Monday, March 5, 2012


My son was so excited to go sledding today as we experienced our first real snow of the season. Finally. In March. No matter, you can't deplete that kind of enthusiasm with talk of spring and Easter right around the corner. He donned the appropriate snow gear and was on our hill, making tracks with his boots in record time.
Red Sled by Lita Judge has all that excitement encased in an almost wordless picture book with beautiful pencil and watercolor illustrations.

The winter landscape and expressive animals, along with a few onomatopoeic words, tell the joyful story of a sledding adventure. Young children will delight in the simple sharing of the book and can add to the story as they look and listen to repeated readings.

Gross Motor Extension Idea:
Indoor Sledding
Since they haven't gotten much use outside this year in our area, you might want to bring those plastic sleds (toboggan or circular style) indoors to play with.
Attach a short piece of twine or ribbon to the sled, allowing it to be pulled across the floor.
Pile up the stuffed animals and take them for a ride (just like the story!)
Use pillows, cushions, and blankets, to build hills and valleys to maximize the ride for those animal riders.
For the grown-ups who want a workout themselves, give your child an indoor sled ride! It's sure to bring some extra "wheeeee" to the play.

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