Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Night

I choose a read aloud book based on both the story and illustrations. It's not always easy.
Books for young children should require both pieces to be top quality. The illustrations need to lead their eyes, making a clear connection to the print that is being read, and filling out the story they hear through their ears.
The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson is a lovely example of such a book.

The scratchboard illustrations by Beth Krommes create a night-time world of black and white with touches of gold illuminating the moon and stars.  It won the Caldecott Medal Award for 2009. The book is based on a traditional nursery rhyme that builds on the familiar in a child's world and moves into the fantastical. It concludes with the cozy, relevant items well known to a child and makes for a great bedtime real aloud.

Art Extension Idea:
Traditional scratchboard projects are a bit tedious for little hands to complete. You can get a similar look with crayon resist or rubber cement resist.  Check out a cool watercolor/resist art project from The Artful Parent blog.
Click here
Courtesy of The Artful Parent

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