Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Hip to be Square

A perfectly simple book about a perfect square. As you turn the pages, it becomes much more than four equal sides and four matching corners. See how it transforms shape and color as the week goes by.
Perfect Square by Michael Hall.

I love the cover with its embossed title. Little fingers will want to brush over it, drawn to the water colored lettering. I love the square shape and size of the book, perfect for a lap. I love all the paper craft ideas and the verbs that describe the action . Torn. Poked. Shredded. Snipped. Crumpled.

Art Extension Idea:
Paper Collage
Materials:  Paper samples cut into manageable square pieces , scissors, hole punchers, glue, tape, and black crayons
Procedure:  Give each child a large piece of white paper as a background. Let them choose colored paper pieces to cut, tear, wrinkle, punch, etc. before adhering them to the background paper.
The process of manipulating the materials and experimenting is the important thing. The end product is not!

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