Sunday, March 18, 2012


We went out of town to a family wedding this weekend. It was lovely. The bride looked beautiful and we all clapped when they kissed. None of my children were in the wedding party this time (whew), but it was still a much anticipated event. It was a learning experience once again as we sat through the parts of the ceremony, and participated in the reception.
In Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes, the main character is so excited about the prospect of being a flower girl for her teacher's wedding, she doesn't even realize that he has never asked her to perform those duties. Lilly longs for the spotlight and attention that the job promises and she is disappointed to find that her teacher's niece has landed the role.

However, she accepts the position of flower girl assistant and completes her responsibilities fully! If your child is a first time flower girl or ring bearer, this is a great book to help them prepare for the big day. If not, it still makes for a wonderful read aloud. The watercolor cartoons show Lilly practicing and her parents worrying, their expressions are perfect.
This picture book has a bit more text than others I have recommended for the preschool audience. It may be a bit more of a challenging read aloud for children under four, but is such a good story that I hope you'll give it a look.

Dramatic Play Extension Idea:
Simple props: A flowered headband or a swath of tulle (or any gauzy or lightweight fabric), silk flowers, a tiny basket, dress up shoes, vest or jacket, and a small pillow.
Space needed: A short walkway that can be covered with a length of rolled paper.
Procedure: After reading Lilly's Big Day, introduce the children to the new items in the dramatic play center. Ask if anyone has ever been to a wedding or a part of the wedding party. Discuss how people walk (slowly, sometimes with a step and a stop) in a wedding, you can refer to the story for this as well. Have fun pretending to be in a wedding ceremony just like Lilly.
Thank goodness that in a classroom wedding, there can be numerous flower girls and ring bearers!

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