Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Pirate themes are popular with preschool boys (and girls).
I'm not sure what about Pirates is so fascinating. The eye patch? The parrot? Maybe all that fighting?
One thing I know that preschoolers love about pirate stories is digging for buried treasure.
Digging is a favorite activity, and just about anything can constitute treasure for the under five crowd.
Tough Boris by Mem Fox is a pirate story that includes all the above and a little bit of heart as well.

 Colorful illustrations by Kathryn Brown, and the briefest lines of text, tell the story of Boris and his pirate life. It also tells the story of how even a greedy, fearless pirate cries when his pet dies. Without going too far, it opens the door to conversations about sad feelings and how we all share them, no matter who we are.

Language/Writing Extension Idea:
After reading Tough Boris or other pirate-themed books, have a group meeting about pirate "rules" in the classroom.
Click here for a great way to help children voice their thoughts about rules for Pirate Play. Turn those thoughts into print, and let everyone vote. It makes Pirate Play appropriate for preschool!

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