Thursday, March 1, 2012


When planning errands with very young children, the rule of 3 applies. Never, and I mean never, try to incorporate more than three stops per day. This does not include drive-thru windows. They only count for a quarter of a stop because no seat belt/car seat buckling, getting shoes back on, or hands and faces being wiped to leave the car is involved. 
This delightful book, When Dinosaurs Came With Everything by Elise Broach, imagines a day when dinosaurs come as the freebie (instead of the standard sticker or lollipop) at the end of every errand stop for a young boy and his mother.

The attitudes of both child and parent change as the story unfolds.

     "No stickers today," said the nurse. "Just dinosaurs. With a shot, you get two."
     "I want a shot," I said.
     At the shoe store, the sign read: BUY TWO PAIR, GET DINOSAUR FREE!
     My mom decided my shoes would last a while longer.

An entertaining story, this one will be requested for many repeated readings. 
If only Dinosaurs really did come with everything...moms would never have to beg or bribe young children to get back into the car for one more trip.

Sensory/Fine Motor Extension Idea:
 Click here for a recipe for the dough!

Make your favorite batch of play dough.
Then, mix in some washed and dried, used coffee grounds (or sawdust).
Set out a glob of the mixture and bury a dinosaur figure into the dough, then shape it like an egg.
When dry, let your child crack it open to reveal the dinosaur inside.                  

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