Sunday, March 25, 2012

Books within reach = Reading

Every child should have access to an abundance of books. Whether on loan from the library or a personal stash collected from book stores and yard sales, a stack of their very own is a special thing.

Where: Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, anywhere in the house that a child can sit awhile.
What: Baskets, buckets, or shelves can all be used to organize reading material.
Why: An attractive display at a child's eye level is a great way to encourage interactions with books and reading in general.

Placing books facing forwards, rather than simply exposing the spines, may take up more shelf space, but it allows children to view the book cover and makes choosing a book easier for a non-reader.
Why do you think they display books that way at in the most prominent areas of the bookstore? Sells many more of those titles than the ones "hidden" in the shelves.

"Sell" some book choices to your little ones today by making them easy to see and easy to reach.

Click here for an attractive and floor-space saving DIY bookshelf for your child's room or your classroom.

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